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Top 7 Senior Housing Options to Consider

Retirement Planning - Assisted Living

Here’s an excerpt from an article in by Rachel HartmanTop 7 Senior Housing Options to Consider:

Rewind a few decades, and the main choices for senior housing consisted of your current home or a nursing home.

Not so today. Vast improvements over the past years have led to a wide selection of senior housing developments. And, today’s market offers housing arrangements that focus on helping residents maintain a healthy, active lifestyle.

To narrow your choices, focus on what services you need now or anticipate needing in the future. And while cost is definitely a factor, ultimately finding a place you enjoy and are comfortable with will play a key role.

Here are 7 senior housing options to consider:

  1. 55 and Older Communities
  2. Independent Living
  3. Assisted Living
  4. Nursing Homes
  5. Continuing Care Retirement Community
  6. Aging in Place
  7. Memory Care

For more information on each option, Continue Reading.

Richard Beidl
Richard Beidl
Richard is an international financial strategy expert and senior executive, and a nationally recognized Financial Services industry analyst, consultant, speaker and strategist. Since 2005 he has been President of Impact Partners, Inc., recently renamed Matrix Private Wealth Solutions Corp., a financial strategy firm specializing strategic financial & college advisory, and financial education. He is also President of Matrix Private Wealth Solutions Investments, Inc., a California Registered Investment Advisory focused on wealth management.

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